Allow Tracks to be posted directly in the forum

Hi Nicholas,

I have the following suggestion.

I would love it if every artist had the option to post audios in their message as well. For example, I could post a preview of a current project and everyone could listen to the audio right away without clicking a link that takes them to another page. My suggestion is mainly related to demos or previews.

Hey @CanMusic

TL:DR -I recommend SoundCloud private / unlisted uploads and then posting the link in the community (should work to play the track immediately (you can use this thread to test)).

eeeeechhhh!!! This is something that I agree should be so simple but it isn’t, mostly because of copyrights and, unfortunately, the number of people who would “abuse” this… and we want to make sure that we’re not responsible for people sharing things they don’t have licenses for. Also many of the platforms that allow sharing (e.g. Instagram) want people to visit their platform so they can serve more ads. Maybe I am being a bit “doom and gloom” here, it might be something we look into in the future but for now…

I’d recommend the following as options (examples below)

  1. YouTube choose “unlisted” on your upload and then you can share it on the community directly (without having to go to a new page). See this thread about posting YouTube links
  2. Instagram post… Tested, doesn’t work
  3. Soundcloud “unlisted” << This would be my recommended option as Soundcloud links can be played directly in the community.

Let me know your thoughts

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Hi @Si_G

Thank you for your reply. I will use the options you mentioned :sunglasses:


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