Apple Music missing

I have been publishing my Chopin Album with IMusician (Artist: Aldo Dotto).
The album have been released on Spotify, Pandora etc. but it still absent on Apple Music.
Even when I click on Apple Music through the Artist Hub it comes the message ‘an error occurred’. Could you please check issue?

Thank You

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Hi @Aldo
Your release is on Apple Music: ‎Chopin Album - EP by Aldo Dotto on Apple Music
However, you’re right, there is something wrong with the link on your Artist Hub. @Juan do you mind having a quick look? Thanks.

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Hey there @aldo and @JJ_JJ thank you for raising this issue.
We managed to address the problem your page should be updated with the proper apple music link.


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Hi, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I still can’t find, even when I click on the link you wrote it comes the message ‘the item is not available on AppleMusic in the UAE’ (United Arab Emirates). Are there some geographical restrictions?

Hello, in the United Arab Emirates I can’t find it on Apple Music, are there some geographical restrictions? @JJ_JJ @Chris

@Aldo - I’m not aware of any restriction - @Chris can you help?

@JJ_JJ I wont be able to help on figuring out why this isn’t available in the UAE.
What I see is that the artist profile has been added but the release not:


Perhaps someone from the delivery team can have a look? @Noelia?

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