Artwork aspect ratio wrong on Release Page

Hello :sunny:
The cover artwork image on my release page is showing with the wrong aspect ratio. It looks stretched horizontally. The original image is a square. (If iMusician support personnel is reading this, the original image can be seen correctly in my Library and under my Releases in my account.)
Here is a link to the release page:

How can I correct this? Thank you to iMusician for helping me release my music, and for helping with this issue!
Best wishes :sunny:

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Update - Ok as is: when I posted the message now, I see the cover artwork in a box where I had just put the text http address for the link, and the image is correct in the box.
But when I open the link in my browser on laptop (Chrome, Windows 10), the image is stretched horizontally.
I checked in on my phone now (Android, Chrome browser), and it looks correct.
So, I think this is ok as-is. Most people would see it the correct way I think. Maybe it is an issue with my installation of Chrome on Windows 10.

No need to address the issue I mentioned. Thank you for reading this. Have a good weekend!