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Hi All, Just wanted to check what I need to do when releasing a track as a Beatport exclusive, Providing (obviously) that I selected Beatport as the only store and select that the track has not been previous released, then is that is all that’s needed to be done in delivery?

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That’s correct! Selecting only Beatport as platform and confirming that the track has not been previously released is all you need.

In addition, you can also distribute it to the other platforms after the 14 days required by Beatport Exclusive. In this case, you just need to request it to our Support Team and pay the $10 redelivery fee.




Just adding to this post to confirm exactly what can happen

this was posted by @Milla-Cristie here: Music Promotion - What works for you? [MegaPost] - #16 by Milla-Cristie

"so just to clarify, when in delivery I would select the “Regular” Plan but only select Beatport as the only shop then the allowed services that beatport specify (I put their list below)
say spotify then this would qualify for a voucher?

This taken from Beatport website,

Amazon Music Streaming Services

Apple Music


Google Play Music



Vinyl Distribution

All streaming platforms that do not have a DJ integrations functionality

Soundcloud Premieres/Previews
we ask that we are the only download store with the release. Streaming platforms are ok."

I’ll let @Cayo and @Maurizio give concrete responses (yeah, the marketing team only deal with the pretty pictures stuff :sweat_smile:, our Operations team have to actually make things work properly :smiley: )


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The exclusivity is currently supported by iTunes, Beatport, Traxsource and Juno Download.

Beatport Exclusive also works if Beatport is the only download store (I.e. streaming stores can also be supplied and it can still be Beatport Exclusive).

After the exclusive period is over, the mark/tag will be automatically removed by Beatport.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to fill this gap, these info will be soon added to our FAQ section!

Have a great weekend! I hope this cleared out all your doubts. If not, count on us :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Information!

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