Can I change the track(s) of a release but keep the title?

I’m intending to release a piece in the Classical Instrumental genre but in computer-generated audio. At some time in the future I intend to have a recording of the work played by ‘real’ instrumentalists. Would it be possible at that time to replace the MIDI-generated material with the new version but keep the title? Alternatively would it be possible to withdraw the first version completely and make a new release with the later version?

Hi @GarethGlyn
It’s definitely fine to keep the titles but I would redo the release with the new audio files so they can get new ISRCs assigned and maybe you could give a version name to this new version then?

As it’s classical, I’ll tag @tobibobi just in case there is something else to think of.

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Hey @ GarethGlyn
Taking down the first version is definitely possible and I actually think that this is a very good idea. Having said this, I also agree with @JJ_JJ to treat the new recordings as “new” tracks and therefore register them separately.

Just out of curiosity: What is the Orchestra library that you are currently using?

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Many thanks!

That’s great. Thanks! Regarding the Orchestra library, if you mean the VST, it’s NotePerformer. Despite its low price it’s almost spookily good.

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