Can I create a beatport label account in advance of my 1st release on it?

Hi! So I’ve thoroughly read through all the documentation in the FAQ about beatport, but I still have some questions.

For my 1st release I’d like to create a beatport premium label account for it to be released on, I do not currently have a beatport label account.

I understand that the beatport label account creation can take up a 1 month or longer. My concern is that the beatport account won’t be ready by the release date I set when ordering it, so my release will go live on all platforms except beatport, and then show up on beatport later once it is activated.

So I’m wondering, is there a way for me to create the beatport premium label account ahead of creating a release, so there isn’t a risk of having my release date earlier than the beatport label creation?

I hope this makes sense! Ideally, I’d like to purchase a “rockstar tier 3-5 track” release, create the beatport label, confirm label is created, and then submit the release so it definitely goes live on beatport the same day as spotify.

Hi there @snowday,

thanks for reaching out and welcome to the iMusician Community!

I’d suggest you to set your release day at least 30/40days ahead, as it is very likely that your label will be created in the meantime. If you want to make sure your label is created before the release goes live, contact us as soon as your release is confirmed, and we will put your release on hold until the label is confirmed by Beatport or Traxsource. Keep in mind that, in that case, we cannot guarantee that the release date will be met.

I stay at your disposal if you have any other questions.


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Makes sense, thanks so much!

Does it still take 1 month to get a Beatport label page through iMusician?
This seems very long compared to other distributor. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Sofie,

Label registration doesn’t take 1 month. Normally registrations are completed within 14 days. In some cases when some requirements, like f.e. the logo size don’t match, it can take a bit longer as we have to resolve this first.


Hi @snowday,

I am in the same position as you, waiting for my label to be created and release my first track! What type of music are you producing?