Can I get some help please

1.I have a release due within 48 hours I can not register a label. The feature to register a new label is not on the dashboard. So please can someone assist me I need to the register a new label?

2.Also to I need to know if I can submit a remix and a backing track of a remix ( backing track features background vocals, vocals on chorus and no lead vocals) of a already released song to Spotify Editorial Playlist?

  1. Will the legal names of the composer and the lyricst show on the production line of the online stores. Example on apple music there is a name that shows next to the p symbol. Is that the name from sound recording owner or name from composer and Lyricist.

  2. Regarding Question 3 will the legal names of the composer and Lyricist show on the all streaming platforms or it just apple music and some others. And if the latter is the case which is the stores that the legal name will show?

5.if I restrict explicit version of my song in certain countries can I submit for Spotify Editorial Playlist and imusiciandigital editorial Playlist. I want the rules regarding both playlists

  1. If I releasing a remix or edit wat number do I use as the isrc code?

Hey @AlmightyBillionaire,

Thanks for the message.

I would suggest you to check our FAQs, as they might already answer to your questions here :slight_smile:

1.Please open the release > Edit > request change > you can write us that you wish to register a label

2.The feature of Spotify pitching must be selected while creating the release, it is not possible to do it afterwards. You can pitch whatever you like, there is no requirement.

  1. The copyright owner of the recording can be the mastering/mixing studio or the artist itself.

  2. You can find the response here: How to Credit Contributors Correctly? | iMusician

  3. If you exclude certain countries, pitching will be done only in the countries available.

  4. Remix or edit of an existing song, so a new ISRC must be provided. Please check here: How To Distribute A Cover, Edit, Remix or Mashup? | iMusician

Kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

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