Can't edit track title (already paid again for a one time editing)

Hi, I already paid the one time fee to make a modification (I feel robbed for the third time, already spent more than 60USD for an EP release!)

Sill, the site doesn;t let me do the change, the change that I kindly requested to you guys.

Can you make the change I requested already, or enable that?


The name of this songs need to be:

“A Través del Océano”

thank you

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I also see the genre is wrong, is the same as the previous release, which we took down. So, it seems in your “reusing of previous songs” you didn’t apply the new metadata.
We are not able to pitch songs, because you are not doing a new release as we asked for, but reusing the old one, so for the other platforms, this is not a new release.

We were having issues with the platform since day one, and already spent a lot of money fixing issues, that some were introduced by iMusician. I’d like a refund for all the time and issues encountered on the way, and all the payments I did to not get a proper solution for.

I’d also like to resolve this speaking with someone.
Can’t believe after paying all this money, I don’;t get a proper support.

I hope the experience using iMusician improves from now on.

Thank you.

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hi @alumbra , I’m forwarding your questions to @Melani and @Carlos from the Team so that they can look for a solution for this situation, maybe you can post meanwhile the EAN code of your release :v:

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I also see the new genre we picket on the release where not propagated to the tracks:

The correct genre is “Spanish Folk” , or Folk in spanish, don’t remember exactly.

Thank you.

Also, the album relase info is missing the things I opted for, like youtube content id, pitch tracks on spotify, etc.

I’d like to resolve this smoothly with you, the release is soon, and I feel abandoned by the staff and platform.

Thank you.

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Hey @alumbra, when you’re paying for the modification you can request the corrections directly via e-mail, as explained here.

So far we haven’t received anything from you, so I’ll kindly ask you to follow the steps indicated on the above mentionned page and send us your modification request via the appropriate channel.

Thank you.