Community Playlist Competition [Round 2] [CLOSED]

A non-instrumental one with backing vocals by my talented daughter. “Emotions”
Got a special award even by HOFA for this one :grin:


@marclez Excuse my ignorance, who are HOFA?

  • HOFA-Studios is one of the largest and most renowned recording studios in Germany, the HOFA-Studios stand for first-class studio productions at surprisingly low prices.
  • HOFA-Media duplicates CDs and DVDs in any quantity. Further services such as graphics & design, e-commerce, warehousing, logistics and distribution are available in-house.
  • HOFA-College offers state-certified correspondence courses with online campus and studio workshops for beginners and advanced students. These courses are designed for those interested in recording, mixing and music production.
  • HOFA-Akustik develops and sells bass traps, absorbers, diffusers, mobile walls and acoustic curtains for optimal room acoustics. The professional and inexpensive acoustic modules are used in recording studios as well as in concert halls, rehearsal rooms and home cinemas.
  • HOFA-Plugins produces extraordinary audio tools, designed to make working in the studio easier. The IQ-Series plugins, CD and DDP software and free 4U series are groundbreaking and easy-to-understand tools for better and faster results.

I am truly enlightened now - thanks muchly :pray:

:grinning: happy to help

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For this community playlist competition, I would like to submit ‘Simulation’ from my most recent album, Extraordinary Escapade.

It’s a very fun track with emphasis on synthesised instruments, and it’s really catchy!


A brother & and a sister for a calm pop song talking about finding one’s place in this new world ! :slight_smile:


Hi! we are Mailand Scope, an electrofunk duo!! I hope you like one of our latest song!


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Hey @marclez ,

We only allow 1x submission per round, I’ve added your first submission (Latin Legs), please feel free to submit Emotions for round 3 starting next week :slight_smile:

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Argh - due to a small issue with the poll I needed to reset it

(the small issue was me, being an eejit and forgetting to add @cantheproducer … of all the people to forget!!!)

I think we lost 3x votes (we can’t see who voted) so please accept my apologies for this, you can resubmit your vote now.

p.s. the vote is at the top of this post

hi @SimonG, this

is a great idea, I’d like to suggest something like All Time Community Competition Playlist (to apply participate to iMusician Community Contest [followed by link to it]) as title (and subtitle) and an approach that is based on the following idea:

the whole concept is better explained here:The truth about playlist adds and how to get quality placements :v:

And remember: If we all listen to the Community Playlist Archive on a regular base we can create something really huge and make our music and this amazing community grow together!


Hi @ghost_son

Thank you for your submission. Submissions can no longer be considered for Round 2. The submission was already closed a few days ago. But for the next round (Round 3) it can be considered.

Best regards

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Round 2 Winner: @asugita with Rise Up!

Congratulations - there’s some promo credit on it’s way to you! (and a “winners trophy badge” on the community).

Round 3 of the community playlist is now accepting Submissions