Disapointing Experience

I used Imuisician in the past and I was impressed about the quality of service.Fast answers, real solutions.

This is why I came back again for releasing a new album and I was simply disapointed about how this service is now.

  1. I was not able to add the ID for Apple and Spotify when creating the release. They told me (the only time they answered promptly) that it is an issue on their side and I should contact them to make the change after I make the release.

  2. I sent a mail asking about details about music delivery if I downgrade my Amplufy Plus plan. No answer.

  3. I did the rrelease at point 1 and I informed them to make the change. After 4 days they told me is too late as the release is already made. No possiblity to add the IDs.

  4. For previous point I wrote several times.

  5. Points from 2-4 were made AFTER I was already an Amplify + subscriber.
    However some auto answers were telling me that: Please note that this conversation is automatically archived and will not be read. How stupid is this? In a nutshell in fact even if you have Amp+ you donā€™t have a real possiblity to contact support.

Which is your opinion? Which is the best way to contact support?
I am writing this here, maybe someone from IMusician takes some actionsā€¦ a good service seems to be ruinedā€¦

Hey @sergiu.cazan

This is clearly a disappointing experience from your side. Many thanks for your points and feedback here.

Regarding the automated answers - thanks for raising this, something is clearly not working correctly.

There are real humans here to help, if you give me a moment I will try to get a resolution in place for you, thanks for your patience

@Pauline and @Nicholas will be in touch with you shortly.

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Hey @sergiu.cazan

It appears the cause for the delay with your emails is that you have created two separate accounts with us. The one associated with the email address you were using does not have AMPLIFY+ or any releases associated with it, which is the reason you were receiving the ā€˜automatically archivedā€™ message.

The correct account associated with your upcoming release (Sageata spre cer) was created with a separate email address. This account does have AMPLIFY+ and we kindly ask that you use this email address when emailing our support team.

All of that said, we have joined the threads and you will receive an email from @Pauline here shortly in regards to resolving the issue with your Apple and Spotify IDs.

I hope that clarifies everything but please let me know if you have any other questions about AMPLIFY+. Iā€™m here to help!

All my emails were sent from within the form in the imusician.app, while being logged with the account that is subscribed to Amplify+.

Also I just checked: the text "Please note that this conversation is automatically archived and will not be read. " was sent to the e-mail that is subscribed to Amplify+.

It looks like there was one email sent from the form in the correct account (with AMPLIFY+) that was sent today in regards to updating your Spotify/Apple ID and promptly responded to.

We now have your Spotify and Apple IDs and will update your release accordingly. We will notify you directly via email when the updates have taken place BUT the community is always here so feel free to @ me on here if any questions arise.

The other two messages were submitted via the other account.

If you only plan to release music via your account with AMPLIFY+, I would suggest deleting your other account to avoid any further confusion in the future.

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Thanks for bringing up this missing feature in our help center. Access to history of requests in the app for our subscribers is definitely something we want to work on.