File replacement on several releases

Good morning ! I would need some files to be replaced on 2 releases, can you please assist? I have uploaded the files to google drive and will share a link.

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Hello, please do not share any personal information here and thus, please do not share the google drive link your talking about.

Wait until someone from the staff comes back to you. There is no work on the weekends so be patient until tomorrow :pray:


Note that if your releases are already delivered to the platforms you will have to request a takedown of the releases, wait some weeks, then do the new releases (see What if I need to correct something after my release was delivered? | iMusician).

If your releases are not yet delivered to the platforms, someone from iMusician is going to contact you.

If you have a plan Amplify or Amplify+ you can contact iMusician by email.

You will have to download the tracks on iMusician platform and not to share an external link.


Ok so I have to subscribe to Amplify+ if I wanna replace files? I don’t want to make a new release.

Can you please reach out to me, I’ve taken the subscription

Hi @adamozi

Thank you for your message. You can contact iMusician from the dashboard and submit your new track. More information here → How to get in touch with iMusician? | iMusician

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Once you’ve subscribed to AMPLIFY+ please contact us directly from your dashboard using the procedure mentionned by @cantheproducer :slight_smile:


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