Flathead - issues on Spotify and Deezer for latest release

Hello IMusician team,

There several problems on the release EAN 406%21866%079 I ordered last month the 4th of february.
My order was to release the EP “Sunset Girl” with a new band “Flathead” on Spotify, Deezer and Instagram/Facebook.

  1. You did well for Spotify. The artist page was created as ordered :
    Flathead | Spotify

But there is 1 track of the band who is not related to the correct band page (same name but not the same band)

Link of the track : Spotify

Link of the other/wrong band : Flathead | Spotify

  1. On Deezer, the band page has not been created, and the EP is related to a other/wrong band page (the same than the wrong band on Spotify)
    Link of the EP : https://deezer.page.link/n6SjePGhvfcy2TWQ8

There"s a another song related to the same wrong band
Link of the song : https://deezer.page.link/VU78UzPCu6AkTMa17

Link of the other/wrong band : https://www.deezer.com/fr/artist/116156

=> Is there a way to get these issues fixed ?
Thanks in advance !

Best regards,
Téo Tomy Tannières

Hey Téo @Flathead,
thanks for reporting this and providing us with all the details (I partially removed some digits from the barcode provided in order to keep your info as safe as it should be).
I’m trying to figure out what happened with Spotify and asked my colleagues in the Delivery team to have a deeper look at that. I’ll get back to you within the next 24h :slight_smile:

Hello Maurizio,

Thanks for your answer.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Téo Tomy Tannières

Bonjour Téo,

So, it looks like that misplaced track is part of a compilation album that we didn’t release: Nuits Blanches - Compilation by Various Artists | Spotify
I guess the easiest way to fix this is contacting the label that made the compilation so they correct the mistake.
Meanwhile I sent an update to Deezer, so hopefully the issue should be sorted out within the next couple of weeks :muscle: