Fresh Release Fridays 🎧

Fresh Release Fridays

Have a new release coming out this week? Working on a demo? Record a cover version of one of your favorite songs?


Share your latest and greatest here in this thread every week!

On top of getting feedback from fellow musicians here in the community, we’ll regularly be selecting members to be featured on our bi-weekly YouTube show, the iMusician Show :tv:


I’ll start with the first post.

My new single “Zona” with Italian Rap Artist “LA PLATA” released today on Spotify.

“Zona” is a drill single with Italian/English mixed lyrics. Enjoy!

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Obviously overexcited by that, but anyway, drop us some FRESH tracks below and we’ll all have a listen. And for those of you who already responded, did you see your mentions in Episode 14? (@zirnoise @piopalumbo @A2D)

Looking forward to adding some new tunes to my ever growing Gravel Biking playlist (and you know we’ll review them for our official playlists as well, cos I doubt ya’ll care if only I am listening to ya :laughing: )


@Si_G thank you soooo muuuuchhh for what you do in episode #14 at iMusician :+1: You are a hit

I was hiking this last month and been away from the pc! Just saw the shout-out! haha. Thanks guys!

No worries at all! I have also tagged you in another post about doing the iMusician “introduction” - hope you don’t mind!

Also, the thought of getting away and hiking sounds NICE :hiking_boot: Where were you hiking?

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We hiked along the Romanian Carpathian mountains. The Fagaras Ridge. It was a really nice adventure camping at 2100 altitude. :grin: Here is one of the best photos i took.

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Hello! :sunglasses:

I made a remix version of Eiffel 65 - “Blue”. Many of you will still know the classic from the 90s.

I would have loved to have my version on Spotify, but unfortunately I didn’t get a response to my request for permission.

That’s why the remix only appears on Youtube.

Have fun and a nice weekend everyone!


Would have never thought to flip the sample like that! Nice one @CanMusic :ok_hand:

Have you released any other edits, covers or remixes in the past where you’ve gotten clearance/permission?

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Thanks! :clap:

“Blue” is the first Remix that I have completely finished.

In the future I will do more Remixes. These Remixes will also appear on YouTube.

It’s really hard to get permission as a small artist. If a label or management would at least respond, that would be good. But not answering a written request is not professional.

Hey great remix! :sunglasses:

As another poster mentioned on here - innovative use of the sample


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New Single “Honest” featuring UK Artist “Teerare” OUT NOW on Spotify! :sunglasses:


On Spotify too. Soon also the Artist Hub Pro :palm_tree:

Wish you all this artists community a nice we :wave:


Great additions there thanks @CanMusic and @A2D !


Heya, we released a new song on Friday!

“Where bears and sheep can talk with whales!” An ode to «coming home» and to the homeland. From the cold to the warmth. From the strange to the familiar. To your friends, to your family. And especially to your children. Also an ode to their ability to tear you out of the gray everyday life. On quiet feet and with big eyes, they suddenly pull you into their fantasy and magic world. It’s pure love. Love that makes your home. I’m coming home!

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Thanks for sharing @frantic :headphones:

Perfect morning vibe today with a hint of nostalgia from my home (Colorado, USA)

Also really loving the artwork for your last 3 releases and the thread that ties them together. Are one of you guys creating the artwork yourself?

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Heya, we are glad that you like the song. No, we don’t do the artwork ourselves. Unfortunately, none of us has great graphic talent.

@frantic - nice! Liked and Followed - great music!

My hometown isn’t as cool as @Nicholas 's … Dortmund doesn’t have as good a ring as Colorado…

But definitely a beautiful sound there, sounds like something that would sound great at a festival gig. I think Marzella were talking about writing music for festivals in Episode 16 of the iMD Show, and now it’s stuck in my head as a thing (I think I am also missing Summer, it ended abruptly in Berlin… and your Summer 22 song (on the headphones) isn’t helping :laughing: