Granting rights to use song

Dear Community,
If I want to grant someone on YouTube or IG the right to use my song, is there anything I need to do when registering a new release? How about existing releases, can it be done ex-post?


Hello @couchpoets

Usually it is the opposite that is requested as mentionned in the faq

I tag the iMusician support experts @Melani and @Carlos to explain if and how it could be done ?

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Hey @couchpoets,

First of all, never grant someone the right to use your work without a proper contract (DMs and email threads are not official contracts) !

It’s very important that you set up an official music license agreement that backs up your agreement with the involved parties in case of future disagreements. You can find some inspiration here and taylor it to your needs.

On our end, it all depends on the rights you grant to the other parties. If you concede your distribution right to them, then they’ll have the right to distribute your music with us. On the contrary, if you don’t grant the distribution rights, then only you will be allowed to distribute the music. In all cases, this will have to be verified thanks to the contract you must establish.

Please let us know if you have further questions :slight_smile:


Hey @Carlos

Thank you for the detailed answer. Is it considered distribution if the person just uses the song as background music? Would I then need to change anything on the iMusician platform?


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Distribution = putting the music online via a distributor that collects revenue. Basically, any use of your music that leads to some sort of monetization will require a license agreement.

Regarding the iMusician platform, I guess it will all depend on the contract you establish. Unfortunately it’s very hard to answer without the clear context of what you’re trying to do.

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