How to create music links on the forum

Hey, I’m fairly sure that all of you will at some point share a link to music so… here’s some options for you:


Spotify Onebox:
By posting a link to a track or artist directly into the post will create a “onebox” and share a link like the below: (and honestly, check out this track from @CamiGuellil )

Notes: works for artist profiles, tracks and albums.

At the moment this forum doesn’t support Spotify iFrame Embeds


Dropping the “Share this video” link will get you an embed like this! (you can just use a YouTube URL or share link to get this to work). Note: Automatic embedding only works on individual videos, not on channels.


You can simply drop the link to “share” (again don’t use the embed iframe) and this is what will appear (also check out some smoooooooth triphop from @melokit ) Note: automatic embedding works only on track level, not on artist level.


You can post links to tracks and profiles, tracks automatically play (And check this out from @zirnoise se, honeslty I know it’s made for gaming, but I get lost in this track somehow).


And - don’t forget to post you iMusician Artist Hubs!! They’ll pop up in a onebox like this and then people can listen and follow you EVERYWHERE!!! :smiley:


Feel free to use this thread to test out links :slight_smile:


I Have some Techno projects here (Link Test)
Music | Milla Cristie

Hey @Milla-Cristie

You can post single tracks from Bandcamp and they will embed automatically… e.g.

Results in:

Posting a link to your profile

will just result in a link :slight_smile:

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Hi @Si_G Thanks for that, I see now that the singles work best as they embed.

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