I can't find the song link even after 45 days

EAN 4066218740752
registered email id: (DELETED BY MODERATOR)

My release is not live yet or I can’t find it on platforms like YouTube. Its been 45 days i paid for the song Distribution but i can’t get the shop link .

Please check the issue and update.

Thank you

Hi @Tuberavana

Thanks for your message.

Please do not share personal information such as email addresses in the community.

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@Carlos can you help here? Thanks!

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Hello @Tuberavana,

We’re looking into it and I’ll let you know once I get more info from our Delivery team. Thanks ahead for your patience :slight_smile:

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Sir, its been more than a month please look into the matter and also for the YouTube content ID. What’s the status of the song ?

EAN 4066218740752

Please tell me when it will available to the platform with the activation of youtube content id.


  1. The track is online : Spotify

  2. The Content ID monetization is active on the song :

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Sir, please check again.
The content id is not active for the song and the delay you can check by visiting to my account.
Sir if the single song will be take that much time how can we distribute another songs?

Please check again what’s the issue with youtube content id as earlier i received a email regarding the activation of content id but now its not activated yet.



The screenshot I just provided was taken from your account. The CID is active.


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Can you please check again?
When someone is using that Audio on youtube its not getting claims. Please check it.


For the last time, there is nothing more to check on our end as the CID is active :slight_smile:

That can be because the videos using your music are not getting any ad placement, which means that your content is not generating any revenue and therefore no claim has to be issued. I cannot speak on behalf of YouTube regarding this, so please reach out to them directly so they can answer your questions.


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