I did not receive my royalties via PayPal

Hello, I gave my PayPal account and the money is no more on my iMusician account…but the money did not came to my PayPal account…

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Hello! @Carlos or @Maurizio will come and help you.


@Maurizio ,

Hope you’re well, my case is the same. The status was paid but we received nothing from Imusician via PayPal. That’s for the month Feb & Mar’23. We also requested for the rest months (Apr, May, Jun, Jul)

Thank you @Maurizio and stil waiting for your action.
All the best


We have already told you multiple times but I will say it again: Our team is currently doing a background check of your account before validating your payout requests. It is still pending and you will receive news from us once the situation is resolved. For now, please wait.


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Hello @leotibil,

Your payout was requested on 14.08.2023. Payouts take 30 days to be completed, therefore you just need to wait for now. It’s explained in this article, plase take the time to read it.

Thank you :slight_smile: