I paid for my releases in 2021 and now i have been put in the free plan with no right to e mail

Hi there. In 2021 I released 3 songs through iMusician. I paid 30 euros for each release and I was told I had the right to e mail. Now I have seen I have been put in the free plan with no right to e mail. This is not fair. I need to e mail. I did NOT release my songs for free. Is there a way I can e mail?

Hi @synerphonic

I’ll mention @JJ_JJ that he’ll take a look at your request :+1:

Same problem for me and a lot of us.
We are not really satisfied by the new quality of service.

Thanks @CanMusic
Hi @synerphonic , @minizool
That’s right, we changed how we deal requests from our artists and labels but we’re definitely not negleting the quality. We actually offer this new way (the Community forum) to provide faster answers from us or from any other experienced artists and labels. In that way, you get a quicker answer because you’re probably not the only one who asked the question and the answer might be there already.

Feel free to share more feedback with us and send your questions here. Happy to help!