I'm really piXXed off right now (modified by moderator)

I’ve been an iMusician customer for years, paying full price for releases. With your new service, I was forced to pay for an Amplify subscription to be able to contact you and the button is still greyed out. So I have to go through this forum to try and get an answer to my problem, which is really very simple:
I asked for a payment of 200€ or so, which has just NEVER arrived on my paypal account, and this has been going on for months.

Please get back to me as soon as possible.

dear @NLM , please moderate your tone! I am very sorry to hear that but I am sure there is an explanation to this and I’m asking hereby @Carlos for help, just a little patience and please read these guidelines: https://community.imusician.pro/t/welcome-to-the-community/


I hope we’ll find a reason for all this, at the time I had a direct relationship with the team in Switzerland with an email, but apparently, that’s changed now and I find myself having to shout at them on a community forum. As much as I think that music is a great community, business is business and this is just extortion on the part of iMusician. I’ll read the guideline no worries.
Have a good evening.

Dear @NLM
We had to remove your message because you wrote derogatory messages about iMusician.

This is the first warning and I would ask you to calm down.

Everyone should behave respectfully and in an appropriate tone. We have rules in the forum that every user has to follow. You can find them here as mentioned above → Welcome to the Community :notes:

If you write something derogatory or similar again, you will receive a temporary ban.

Best regards,

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  1. You are not “forced” to do anything. If you want direct support via email this option is indeed only available with the AMPLIFY subscriptions, but you can always reach out to us (politely preferably…) via the Community :slight_smile:

  2. When did you request this payout of 200€ ? Please note that it is explained here that in case your payout is still “Pending” after 30 days it means that additional verifications need to be made by our accounting team in order to validate the transaction. In any case, we will contact you directly if there’s any issue with your payout request.