iMusician Show 15 || TikTok vs. Spotify & Simplified Distribution

On this week’s episode we cover…

:star2: How easy it is now to create and distribute a release with iMusician’s new upload form

:studio_microphone: French Caribbean rap artist Roukimi, German dance music artist @torenkas, French electro-rock band @Doorshan , French hip-hop artist @ArthurMess, German producer @CanMusic, and French multi-instrumentalist @Nezick :slight_smile:

:dvd: Very interesting developments surrounding #TikTok entering the streaming game

:small_orange_diamond: Start a release today: iMusician
:small_orange_diamond: TikTok for Artists: A Complete Guide: Tiktok For Artists | iMusician

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Hello, everyone,

very interesting episode :sunglasses:. Thanks for mentioning me and my single “Good Feeling”

Happy to feature you as we’ve been loving ‘Good Feeling’!

Any music industry topics floating around that you’d like to see us cover on a future episode?

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I don’t have any topics at the moment, but i have some ideas for new community features. :smiley:

Can i send it to you? Or do you have a specific contact for me?

Always happy to bounce ideas on ways we can improve the community :slight_smile:

Feel free to send them over to me (here or via DM)

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