iMusician Show 16 || AI-driven Robot Artists & More TikTok News

On this week’s episode we cover…

:robot: The future of AI-driven robot artists, highlighting the rise and fall of FN Meka

:studio_microphone: Swiss indie-folk duo Marzella, Swiss indie pop band @frantic, rising Italian artist @sofiadelbaldo, Zurich-based classic rock artist @Roger_Ricks, German neo-classical artist @Lento, Venice-based multi-genre band The Andi & Meicheng Project (@andi_zigon), and French R&B/Soul artist @CamiGuellil

:dvd: Deezer’s very own well-being app ‘Zen by Deezer’ as well as TikTok’s new feature ‘Nearby’ which aims to help artists and venues promote their events within their local communities.

:small_orange_diamond:Join the iMusician Community: iMusician Community - Network and connect with other independent musicians.
:small_orange_diamond:Hear more from Marzella: Quicksands & Crocodile Tears
:small_orange_diamond:Mental Health Tips: Mental Health In EDM | iMusician
:small_orange_diamond:Discover AI artist/collaborative Robot Fi:
:small_orange_diamond:Download Zen by deezer: ‎Zen by deezer - Meditation on the App Store


Just adding some huge love for Marzella, been listening to them all week!

@Nicholas wow! amazing topic, I really want to see how this AI driven music will evolve! Some time ago I heard some AI written pieces: An artificial intelligence algorithm has created “new” Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana songs | Guitar World but, let’s be honest, kurt and jimi would at the best smile at that (AI-Jimi created: Jimi Hendrix,"You'r gonna kill me" - YouTube and AI creates "New" Nirvana song - Drowned In The Sun - YouTube) , I mean that are practically covers :blush: Marzella explained really well how creativity works, you need to have something to express to make art. Stile has it’s value but it’s the feeling that makes the difference :v:
And to Nick and Sue: Thanks a lot for mentioning the andi and meicheng project, that was really a nice surprise!!!

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Could even feature you guys at the top of the show if you want to record an intro :wink:

Certainly an interesting (early) time for AI and the crossover into music and art - can’t wait to look back on some of these early iterations like we now look back on Clippy from the early internet days :paperclip:

Also been enjoying the humor coming out of Dall E the AI system that creates images and art from random text - this Reddit thread is endless :joy:

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@Nicholas we very well might :sweat_smile: yeah, I agree, it’s an early period for that, at the 27 club thing it was like the AI was fed with reference pieces and put out gazillions of “songs” where the team chose what most came near to the intention. So I think for now it’s still the team that makes the difference. let’s see what will happen next :sweat_smile:

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:microphone: :robot: :space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader: soon the AI-driven fans too if I understrand :sweat_smile:


oh, thanks for your support!

Happy to feature you!

As I mentioned above, if you guys would be interested in recording a video intro we could feature you at the top of the show like Zirnoise in our latest episode :tv:

Much more to come!