Is my Release Page correct?


I’m not sure if the Release Page for my first release (single “Madness”, August 7th) is set up correctly. I’m an AMPLIFY+ member.

Indeed, I created the Release Page from my release (already delivered to platforms without problem), but every time I try, the site tells me on the Overview page that an element is missing. I go back to the previous page, and nothing seems to be missing (name of the single, artwork…).

Finally, I created another Release Page from scratch, i.e. by importing my tracks, my cover, etc. This time, the Release Page is displayed but there is no content (like Pre-save, since my release is coming soon). In the settings, iMusician offers me to distribute my single… but it’s already done!

So, I have in “Library / Releases”, two releases named “Madness”: one marked “Delivered” and the other marked “Open”.

Maybe all this is normal and will be arranged on the day of the release on the platforms? Or did I make a mistake?

Thank you for your help!

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Good evening there,
Thank your for your message. Sadly I can’t help you, but I’ll mention @Maurizio from the iMusician team so he can help you starting from Monday. It’s the weekend so please be patient.


Bonjour @eriahummingbird

Thank you very much for your help and your kind message. I will be patient, I’m here to learn, it’s my first release.
I have few time today but I just want you to know that I have read the small introduction on your profile and my approach is very close to yours : I produce all from a to z, want to stay anonymous and love different genres of music.
When I have more time, I’ll listen to the works of my new friends here. Including you, of course.

Best regards


Hi there @EMBmusic,

Really glad you joined us!
This is a bug preventing your artist page to show the release details.
It has been addressed and our Product wizards are on it right now. Hopefully that should be sorted soon!
In the meantime, I deleted the open release for you (the copy of course :smiley:), so everything looks clean and tidy.

Thanks for reporting and see you around


@Maurizio Hello!
Thanks for your answer. Happy to know that it’s a bug and not me being completely stupid :slight_smile:
Yes, I saw someone was working on the pages… And that seems to work now. I hope that for my next release the bug will be completely solved.
Good job Maurizio :+1: Thanks to @eriahummingbird
See you soon.