Issues with artist name


I am stucked with my single release since december because of an issue with my artist name. And also one more requirement from Itunes regarding singer name, which is mine (already filled on Form).

I get two problem messages, copied below:


1.For the delivery to the platforms, we need a reference to check the spelling of your artist name. Send us the corresponding social media and / or website links that confirm the spelling of your artist name. (Youtube- and Soundcloud links aren’t valid as reference).

I guess I can copy them here?.. I try email, but not sure you have got those.

IG: @soysolgalarreta


1.iTunes/Apple Music rule: The name and role of the vocalist is missing. Please add the legal name and the role ““singer””. If you cannot provide the requested information we’ll exclude iTunes and Apple Music from the music distribution

My problem now is that the form does not allow me to change anything on this field! my artist name appears written in light grey letter. Can you please help me?. as iTunes is very important for the release.



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Hey @Sol , thanks for reaching us out!

I’ve sent you a DM so that we can solve it straightaway! Thanks

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