Living the Dream (preview) - AlexGB231

Here’s a preview of something I’m currently working on. The main music project I’m working on right now is the Revival Project, where I’m going back to a whole bunch of old music that I’ve written and remaking them after having had developed my music-making skills a lot since then, so I can make these works even better. This is something that I started writing in April 2021, and it was a lot of fun to write back then and a lot of fun to come back to now.

The starting point with this one was the bass riff at 0:13, which I actually came up with in my dreams while I was asleep. Yeah, inspiration can come to you even while you’re sleeping! I had only really remembered that series of notes from the dream, I didn’t give it a rhythm or anything until I woke up. But the dream I had back then was the starting point for the song, hence, ‘Living the Dream’!

I’m still very proud of this one. It’s energetic, cheesy and upbeat, and it’s a lot of fun indeed! Full version of the remake hopefully coming December 2022. Until then, I hope you enjoy it!

Living the Dream (remake) (preview) - AlexGB231

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Hey @AlexGB231 :wave:

Thanks for sharing all of these tracks! Super fun listen to start the day and go through them this morning.

Are you often producing music with game soundtracks in mind? Do you have visuals that you go off of first or do you create the tracks beforehand? :space_invader:

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Hi Nicholas,

Thanks, I’m glad you like them. I generally write the music before I give them a name/visuals to go with it. And yeah, I often write with videogame music in mind. Having had grown up listening to a lot of Sonic music, it can have a bit of an influence on the music I write too.