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Have a nice day Zirnoise,
I’m glad you wrote. My name is Michal Habrda and I have composed, produced and recorded a lot of music, mainly for various films etc. Now I’m working on my next feature film - SAMHAIN, which will premiere in cinemas next year. It was all meant for our country and I have been working here for many years.

In April this year, I decided to promote myself worldwide, so I am looking for more opportunities. This film music of mine has no language barrier. I don’t know much about social media. I’m learning everything, but mainly I want to continue making film and instrumental music.
Thank you for your time and reply and I wish you all good health and well being.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me :+1:.

Here are my links and I hope you will choose some soundtracks to listen to:


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Hello Michal,
I’ve listened to some of your soundtracks! Nice job!

The music from The Cube was my favourite.
I liked your website! It’s well made.

I tried something minimalistic with mine.

The no language barriers thing is also what I’m personally counting on with my soundtracks.

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Hey @zirnoise - cool website!

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Thanks @JJ_JJ, it took some time to get to this form. I was constantly searching for a way to make it compact and fresh.

Hi, everyone, and thank you.
Time will tell where we’ll get to. I also looked at your site and surely it will work and are good. We just have to keep working and creating. I have everything to learn as well.
I’ve only been using social media since spring :slightly_smiling_face:

So, have a great time Michal