Music not published

Hello ! My single should have been published by May 13th and it’s still not published. It says that it’s still on quality control but I haven’t received any notification of any issue. I don’t know who I have to contact.


Hey @Eddy

thanks for your message. @Carlos can you help here? Merci! :clap:

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Hello @Eddy,

Could you please give me the barcode of the release so I can check ?

Thanks ahead :slight_smile:

Hello @Eddy,

The audio file you updated for your release contains a silence over 10 seconds, which is not allowed by the platforms. Please upload a new valid file and confirm the modification so we can initiate the delivery. The steps to follow are available here : How do I know if my release passed the Quality Check or requires any further action from my side? | iMusician

Have a nice weekend :slight_smile: