Music Promotion - What works for you? [MegaPost]

Holy FFFF… Amazing work there!

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Thanks :pray:, it was fun working on that movie (Here’s the trailer). I had to make a lot of animal foley sounds.

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@zirnoise amazing! the animal sounds are really convincing!!! :smiley: I also like the music a lot, what is it?

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So the music was composed by a guy who also won at the best music category.

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@zirnoise, I will have to shazam it!!! definitely :smiley:

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Oh, here is the entire OST. The song is the intro one i think.

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amazing! thanks a lot!!

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Peut-etre pas vraiment lié à la promotion, mais dans le même but d’arriver à avoir un maximum de streams, y a t-il des dates de sortie à privilégier ?

Hey @minizool, I completely missed this message,

I can tell you now that we have a lot of releases before summer April - June and just before Christmas. Whether this is a good time to release or not it a different question… aka it could just be “noisy” and competing with others or there could be value in this trend.

Thank you.
Yes maybe not such a good idea to release at the same time.
Music of tiny artists like me will be lost in an ocean of music.
So I will simply choose my lucky numbers for the day. :rofl:

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Hello everyone :v:

I can tell you how I do it with the releases. I release a single on spotify every month. The Singles appear at intervals of 3.5 - 4 weeks.

The singles are particularly popular in spring and summer. In winter, interest is unfortunately reduced. I still don’t know why that is so :eyes:


I just read this post and I agree.
There are so many genres and sub-genres.
It’s sometimes difficult to know which one your music belongs to.