My Release has been assigned to another artist!

I need a massive favour and help please!

It’s been almost a year I’ve been going back and forth with beatport as my last release album was assigned to another artist. Beatport is not helping and now asking to contact you as my distributor!! Can you please help??

Hey @Shanto1

thanks for your message.

Please send us —>

  1. the link to your record release,
  2. the wrong profile link,
  3. the link to the correct profile

So that the release can be moved to your artist profile.

Best regards,

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Thank you for your prompt response.

  1. This is the part where it gets tricky! I still don’t have any artist profile. I have applied to register an artist profile with beatport but the condition is to have a release under my name. But i already have a release which has been assigned to another artist. Because we both share the same name, is it possible for you to change my name to Shanto (UK) so the name won’t clash?

Please help!

Thank you for your reply. I mention @Carlos here, who will be in touch with you shortly. We’ll find a solution.

Best regards,


Hey @Shanto1, I have sent you a DM :slight_smile:

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