New music every Friday! The "Friday Song" by Azur Quiétude!

Hello everyone,
I propose on my Youtube channel a new music every Friday.
I call this concept the friday song !
I invite you to have a look at it… see you soon I hope!


A track every Friday, nice concept @Azur !

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My new album available on Deezer / Spotify / Youtube!
This album is in an electro genre composed with Cubase and Logic pro! Change of materials during this period!

Thanks to the listeners!! :sunglasses:

I will write in English to be understood by everyone! Forgive me my native French!! :joy:

Continuation and last opus of the Friday song !
The album is mainly electro dance, even if there is also a little bit of other genre like bass music or rock.

Pre-save page available for deezer and spotify to not miss it !
Expected to be released on May 18th.

You can also follow me on social networks! (insta, tiktok,…)

A très bientôt, musicalement, Azur. :sunglasses:

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Hey @Azur,

Please feel free to write in French, all users have the ability to translate all posts :slight_smile:

Love the concept of the Friday song and will be listening to all of these :smiley:

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