No Copyright Breach on My Tunes?

Hi, I create Instrumental Covers on my Yamaha PSR-SX900 Arranger Keyboard as a hobby.

This is my latest tune as an example: Name That Tune #457

  • The original tune has vocals by Bob Marley - There are no vocals on my version.
  • My tune is an arrangement that differs quite a bit from the original.
  • My tunes are hosted on SoundCloud with NO Download option
  • I don’t make any money from plays

I am trapped in not being able to distribute my tunes because everybody recognises them as breaking copyright and I would have to pay to get a Mechanical Licence for every tune that I create.

I have read that if I distribute them in the UK only, where I reside, copyright is not required.

The problem is, that ALL distributors will distribute worldwide, so they reject my music.

Are there any UK distributors that I could use?

Thanks Harvey Twyman
My SoundCloud Music

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Hello @harveytwyman,

thanks for your message and welcome to our iMusician Community!
Have you already introduced yourself here? Keep also in mind the section Share and Collaborate if you want to share your music with the rest of the Community.

Regarding your request, iMusician allows you to select or exclude countries according to your needs.

Let me check with my colleagues if this would be a feasible option. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, feel free to ask anything.

All the best,

Good morning @harveytwyman,

Here’s the answer I got from my colleagues in the delivery team:
It seems that your project is about edits of existing songs. For this (even if it is only an instrumental) the permission of the copyright owner (most likely the publisher) is needed and this is most definitely the same in the UK.

This means that, unfortunately, without the consent of the copyright owner there’s nothing we can do.
Here you can find our guidelines on how to distribute cover versions, edits and remixes.

Thanks again for getting in touch. All the Best and see you around in the Community,

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