No Royalty Report since Octobre 2022

Hey Guys,

It is about the Release : EAN 4066218549683

I still did Not receive any Selling reports yet. On my release dashboard it stands:

“Möglicherweise sind deine Verkaufszahlen derzeit nicht verfügbar. Wir arbeiten daran, das Problem so schnell wie möglich zu lösen”

So NO Sales Report on my Dashboard at all.
The release is STILL on the stand of Oct 22 ans wasn’t actualized yet.

I am a bit upset about it . What can I do to receive my actual Sales Report ?

PLEASE help,

Besides Fabiola told me something which she explained very badly.
On my Dashboard in my Help Section I CANNOT pose any question, because since a few months I have ONLY Instant answers in this Help Section !

Best regards,

Piotre Kiwignon / JUH * WORX TRAEX

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Thank you for your message. It’s indeed weird. I’ll tag @Fabiola (since you mentioned her) and @Maurizio to help you.
Please be aware it’s the weekend and there is no work until Monday.

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Gotcha. Understood. Thanx a lot though. I already thought I have to activate my lawer … Bonne Weekend

Hi there @PiotreKiwignon.

The sales report gets updated only if there are new streams/downloads.

Of course, I don’t know if that’s the case, so I asked our product team to take a deeper look at your numbers/figures. I’ll get back to you soon :slight_smile:

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Hello again.

Our data show no new activity since October.
If you want me to take a deeper look at it, please send me some screenshots from your Spotify for Artists, for a specific time frame, so that I can cross-check your/our data.

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