Non crédité en tant qu'artiste principale

Je n’ai pas de réponse de Carlos, à qui j’ai envoyé les codes-barre des titres concernés, dans un profil de projet collectif Spotify où je ne suis pas crédité en tant qu’artiste principal, et il le faudrait pour que je sois crédité dans “appears on” d’un autre profil Spotify où je suis (aussi) artiste principal.
Spotify me demande de me tourner vers iMusician, ce que je fais donc à nouveau.

Hi @TBITW , I’m not sure if I got the question right, so I’m tagging @Melani here to help you, meanwhile you might post your barcodes here and maybe try to explain in a more detailled way what you would need from iMusician. btw, when did you send the codes to Carlos? If you shouldn’t want to post them here (they are pubblic data, so it would be no problem in any case) I’d ask you for a bit patience so that Carlos or Melani can come back to you. thanks in advance, Andi


Thanks @Andi for taking care of it!

I checked with my colleagues and the past thread and could see that a response has been provided to you concerning your releases:
EAN 4061798767717
EAN 4061798733859
EAN 4061798713028
EAN 4061798864898

My colleague confirmed you that these releases are correctly assigned to the artist Sur la Côte, as entered in the metadata. Please note that it is not possible to change artist names after the releases are online.

Instead, if you have a different request, please explain it to us considering that modifications are only possible to our artists with AMPLIFY+ plan.

I’m kindly asking you to respect our workflow by responding to only this thread.

Thanks in advance


Hello Melani,
Pardon my english but I am not sure to understand well “only this thread” (do you mean not private message ?) and “my colleague” (who ? Andi ? Carlos ?). As I explained the name of that “artist” is no artist at alle, no band or no person, but only un project name, whose participants on each tune are detailed in the metadata as asked by iMusician.
But if there is nothing more to do , since my subscription plan conditions changes have been imposed to me (and others), welle I cannot bother you anymore !

PS : what can I do to avoid receiving many many many emails all day long, that are useless for me ? Thank you !

Hello @TBITW

What she means by this thread is that you don’t have to open another thread on the same topic. This creates duplicates and additional work.

Regarding email notifications. I turned this off in your profile.

Do you still have questions regarding your concerns?


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