Not possible to release my single


I did all the procedures to distribute my single until I get the invoice. But I accidentally cancelled my invoice (was not paid yet). So I repeated the procedures from the beginning, and when I tried to upload the audio, it said “this audio file has already been used”. I thought by cancelling my other invoice it would have completely cancelled my release, but it doesn’t seem like it’s cancelled…

Can you please help me and definitely cancel my release? Or can you re-send me a new invoice?

Also if you could change the currency/payment method from BRA to CHF would be very helpful.


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hi @nast , this happens most probably because you are trying to upload your song again . As you had already uploaded it for the first release that you might have cancelled if I understood well, but it is still in your library and you can add it from there to your new release.
If you instead didn’t cancel your release but just the invoice, you should be able to continue from there.
Please let us know if this works or if you need further help :v: