Old album that as been taken down still live


Is it possible to talk to an agent by phone or email ? I used to have a conversation with someone called Catherine on this subject.

After doing a quick search I found album published by Imusician which I have requested takedown for several time still available on some website.

As you might understand I don’t make earning or have even any trace of these album being available on my account. Could you please remove them for eternity and never publish publish them back again :).

You can send me an email at : (REMOVED BY MODERATOR)
which was my account email at the time !

I would love to have a quick chat with you on the subject :slight_smile:

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Hi @HereIam :raising_hand_man:

Please do not share personal information such as email addresses in the community.

Someone from the iMusician Team will contact you via DM for any specific information they need to solve your issue, but please do not share your information here!


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no one as contacted me yet on the subject is this normal :slight_smile: ?

Hey :wave:

it can take about 2-3 days for someone to get in touch.

Please be patient. Thanks!

@Maurizio :blush::v:

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Hi there @HereIam,

Could you please share the album title + artist name, and the link to the shops where you found it?

I’ll have a prompt look into that. Thanks a lot in advance :open_hands:

Hello, :slight_smile:

Can I share in private ? I think it would be more appropriate that way since I don’t feel like creating anymore links to theses albums :sweat_smile:

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I will also share my account address so you can take them all down from possible stores :slight_smile:

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Hi @HereIam :raising_hand_man:

you can send the required information to Maurizio privately.

Best regards