One of Tim TinS ProjectS

Hi, I’m glad to get here on board! I’m a musician since 30 years, but now I’ve got the time to concentrate on my new productions. If you like to listen to my older songs, I give you a link to Spotify: Spotify

Besides playing all instruments on the songs I concentrate now on the mixing process. I would like to have some collaborations with other musicians and I would like to mix some songs just to improve my skills.
So if you like me to do something for you, just have a try!

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Hey @TTP :wave:

We’re glad to have you on board and happy to distribute your older songs!

Are your newer productions in that same alternative / pop rock genre? Curious to hear what you have in the works

For potential collaborations, I suggest sharing a link in this thread as that’s where most of our community members have been intro’ing themselves :handshake:

Or poke around our Share & Collaborate topic :wink:

Hi Nicholas, thank you for this welcome! My music is now getting a lot funkier. I hope you will enjoy it. :smiling_face:

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