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Vorrei creare la mia pagina artista con la nuova funzionalità messa a disposizione da IMUSICIAN, il problema è che non riesco a far riconoscere il mio ID artista Spotify sul sito, mi dice che l’artista è inesistente, non riconosce l’URI. come è possibile comunicare ad IMUSICIAN il mio ID artista Spotify?


Hey @EmaParati

Thank you for your message. I’ll mention @nick from the iMusician Team, who will get back to you shortly.

It may be a bug or other technical error. So far everything is working fine for me.

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Thank you so much Can

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Hi @EmaParati,

For Artist Page publishing you do not need to provide Spotify ID/Apple Music ID as it relates to music delivery metadata collection. In fact you can already publish your page by just going to “Artist Page” tab in the Artist editor.

Hi Nick, thanks for your answer, of course I can but I’ve just made a new song publication, and seems that Imusician doesn’t recognize my Spotify URI once I try to pair the song with my artist profile. I think I need to say to Imusician my Spotify URI, is it right?