Problem with Knockout and King of the forest - please contactme

I have problem with my music distrubution. I have had contact with Melani, Jonathan and now Camille. Its about the files knockout and king of forest. I have new fils, permission from the art. So please contact me so we can solve the problem. Thanks Svante

Hey @Snake

Sorry to hear about this, I’ll see if @Maurizio can help out here.

I havent heard anything about this. Its about “Knock out” and “King of the forest”, two musik project i want to have on spotify. I have paid for the files, and answered all your qestion. So: 1) Is my latest files and lyrics ok! 2) Is the copyright ok? 3) If everything is ok, when are the files on Spotify. It is hard for me to get answer ifrom you and response. So if you dont answer me, i have to change to another musicdistrubutior. Sorry for that, but your support, dosent work well for us customer.

@Melani can you please take this over?

Hey @JJ_JJ, of course, jumping in!


Hey @Snake!

Hope you are well! Just DMed you!!

Talk soon and have a great day!