Problems with Release Daclarations for Label (mandatory)

Hi there, I want to Release a Song. I have to declare an iMD Number for a Label. But I have non. I Cant finish it, because there is this Number missing. In the FAQ I could read, that I can get it, when I had finished it. But thats the problem, I cant finish it before I type the number. I would be glad, if u could help me. Thx
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Hello @Deltawelle,

Thank you for your message.
That field allows you to add your label name.
Every artist gets one generic iMD-“Your Name” label for free. You can also register your own Premium Label. If you want to deliver your release to Beatport or Traxsource, you need to have a registered Premium Label or use iM Electronica in the label selection. If you create a new Premium Label, you will get information about the registration by E-Mail after payment.

For more detailed information on how to register your label, please have a look at our FAQ-Page.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. I’m looking forward to listening to your release!

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Thanks for help. I hadn´t known before that I could devise my own Labelname for the digital Release, that was my Problem. I ve just have to type in my labelname, I thought I have to create anywhere else. Thank you


@Deltawelle - Let us know when your release date is - you can share your tracks over on the “Share your news” section - Looking forward to hearing your releases!

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