Refund of Subscription

Hello Team iMusician,
Excuse me but I just got some unexpected financial issues so I just cancelled my new paiement for change my subscription (51 euros)… Somehow when I checked my bank account count then I found the payment has been sent (from France),

I would like to know could I have the refund for this paiement please ? I will do the new subscription in the beginning of September when I find back my financial balance again !

Looking forward for your reply and thanks again for your precious help and comprehension !

Wish you a wonderful day !

Lumina Wang

hi @Lumina let’s see if someone of the iMusician Team can help you with this and tag @Melani and @Maurizio here :v:


Thanks a lot Andi ! I am new here so thanks for your lovely attention and your help :slight_smile:

Good day to you :sparkles::sparkles:


Hi there @Lumina,

let’s get this sorted quickly!
I’m sending you a DM right away!