Release date

My upcoming release The Hero is set to release april 14 here on imusician, but april 13 on Spotify. What is the reason for this? Can this be corrected?

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I had the same issue with my upcoming release.

IMusician verified that all other stores had the correct release date. It appears to be something on Spotify’s end. They said to contact Spotify support, but good luck with that. They will just refer you back to your distributor. The good ol’ loop of death.

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Ok, thank you! I’ll try! It can’t be harder to get help from Spotify then it is to get help from iMusician!

Hi @oystein.gabrielsen :raising_hand_man:

I’ve had that a few times. This is a Spotify bug. Your release should be appear on the date you entered on IMusician.

This definitely is not cool - unfortunately, as mentioned by @cantheproducer, this is most likely a bug from Spotify’s side and not something we can assist with - redelivering the track can often delay it’s release date…