Release doesn't appear on my Spotify for Artists profile

I planned a release for tomorrow (march 6th) but still I can’t find it on my spotify for artist profile.
Maybe something went wrong? Am I missing something?
Thank you so much for helping me.
Have a nice day


(Poniddi Pibadra - EAN 4066218619270)

Hey Elia,

Congrats on your new release! I can see it’s live: Poniddi Pibadra - Single by Various Artists | Spotify
Do you still not see this release in your SfA?

Hello JJ_JJ,
thanks, I can see it’s live but I am disappointed because:

1-still I cannot see my release in my SfA and most important thing we didn’t have the chance to pitch it.
2-we didn’t get the pre-save link and the artist hub we have now it’s completely empty.
3-why the release doesn’t appear on our discography on Spotify?

have a nice day

Hi @elia.casu

I’ve had a better look at your release and I can see that you’ve got 4 main artists in this release. When you have 4 or more main artists on a release, it gets categorized by the streaming shops as a compilation. When a release is a compilation it can’t be pitched to the editors at Spotify (Source: the Spotify FAQ about this).

This is why you don’t see the release is your main single/EP or album section on Spotify but in ‘Appears On’ where you have the compilations you’re listed on or the releases you’re listed as feat.


I hope it helps to understand why it didn’t happen as you wished.

Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:
everything is clearer now.
Have a nice day



If anything else, just come back here, happy that I was helpful :slight_smile: