Release Page Link to amazon Music is wrong

Hallo iMusician Team, the Link to amazon Music on my Release Page for my new Kids-Song is wrong. Please make it korrekt.
The Side is Aufstehen
Best Regards and Thx.

Hi there!
@Maurizio will come and help. There is no work at this hour so please wait until tomorrow at the earliest.

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Hey @eriahummingbird , here me again!

Sorry for english, I hope you can translate this one @RicBMusic :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we can’t request any changes for artist pages on Amazon Music. But you can try to request these changes directly with Amazon. First you would need to claim your artist profile here: Once your profile is confirmed by Amazon you can request the removal of incorrect releases from your artist page via Amazon Music for Artists :
Click on the incorrect album/song
Click on the three dot menu next to the title Select “Report Issue”
Once the form is complete, click “Submit”.
Amazon Music catalog experts will investigate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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Hi @Melani and @eriahummingbird , thx for this information, but it is not the solution of my problem:
The imusician ReleasePageLink to Amazon Music is wrong (linkt in the first post), not the artistpage on amazon. if somebody click on the ReleasePage Link to amazon Music, he arrives at the home Page from amazon music, not at the song. So imusician only can correct the Link on the imusician platform.
The wrong imusician album Link on ReleasePage:
The correct songlink should be :

Furthermore the question still arises, will the songtracking work correct with a wrong number?!?

Best Regards

Ops sorry @RicBMusic, was at the end of the day and got a bit confused! Checking and getting back to you :slight_smile:

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Here me back @RicBMusic, the link has been corrected: Aufstehen

Please try opening it clearing cache and cookies of your browser first :slight_smile: