Rockstar package but can't send any email anymore?

So I subscribed to your “Rockstar” (etc) product last December and it was 39€ with no commissions at all. And now all of a sudden it says on my imusician page that you take 10% commission. If it is so, I want my money back and cancel this subscription. I’m definetly not agreeing on paying 10% commission. So can you clarify that I still have my Rockstar subscription and not this new Amplify with extra fees and worse conditions? And why can’t I even send any email to you anymore even though I have my subscription paid already last month?

And I also have to change my upcoming release’s cover art but can’t change it when I try to edit the track page. So how can I do it?

Harri Hytönen

Hi Harri,

Thanks for writing in, let’s see if I can help answer your questions:

  • The Rockstar release you bought last December will absolutely stay exactly the same, 0% commission, no matter if you choose to get a subscription or not. An existing release keeps the commission you had when you paid for it, it’s only fair.

  • If there was an issue with your release and we asked you to change the cover art, you should be able to make those changes we are asking for. If you changed your mind about the artwork on your own and the release is already paid for, in order to make further changes to it, you will need to get a subscription for Amplify+ (which costs the same as we used to charge to make changes to a release, plus you get much more!)

I hope that was helpful.


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Thanks for clarifying that there’s no commission for my subscription.

Harri Hytönen

So I purchased the Amplify+ subscription and I still can’t change the cover art for my upcoming single. So can you explain how can I do that. And if I can’t, could you refund my first month payment. Thank you.


Hello @kuula666 :wave:

I have sent you a DM, in order to get the e-mail you use for logging in to your iMD account to help you further with that request. If you can include a link for the new artwork, we can save some time as well.

Depending on when it’s your release date, we will be able to modify it for the original launch or if there is not enough time for that, it will come up as an update, but either way, we are able to help you.

Since you are an Amplify+ subscriber, if you prefer you can get in touch with the support agents by email, using the “Need help?” widget over here ↓