Rockstar plan release missing on Instagram - no email answer

Dear iMusician team,

I released on the 15th of April 2022 my single « Deux Nocturnes, Op. 7 » (EAN 4066218360998) but I figured out that the first piece of this release « Loargann, Op. 7 No. 1 » (ISRC: DELETED BY MODERATOR) is not available on Instagram.
This seems to be the only piece released with your service that is not available on this platform.
Could you check and ensure it is available ASAP please?
I received queries from several persons willing to use my music as sound illustration and were not able to do it unfortunately.

I sent an email to your team about this but got automatic answer telling me to use this forum rather than email as not subscriber of amplify. I definitely prefer communicating via mail as per already done in the past. This release got done with your former plan “Rockstar”, I do not understand why should I pay anything additional for this release to get answers as per initially agreed.

Thanks for your help.
Kind regards,
-Henri de Quengo

Hi @Henri_de_Quengo

Thanks for your Message. Please do not share information such as ISRC in the community.

Someone from the iMusician Team will contact you via DM for any specific information they need to solve your issue, but please do not share your information here!


@Maurizio :v:

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Thanks cantheproducer, I copy/pasted my email that never received an answer…
Thanks for notifying and the modification :slight_smile:

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Hello @Henri_de_Quengo,

hmm that’s interesting. I can indeed find the other track. I’m checking with Instagram and will get back to you as soon as possible.
Support just moved here (unless you subscribe to our Amplify or Amplify+ plan), but of course your requests will keep receiving an answer. And anytime we might need you to share personal details in order to help you, we will send you a DM :slight_smile:


Hello Maurizio,

I feel slightly to be turn into a fool. 12 days that you told me you’ll provide me an answer, I’m still waiting. Issue is still not solved. I sent an email several month ago to relate the issue, as mentioned earlier. This release got done with the Rockstar plan before your change of plans into Amplify (etc), I should have the support as per supposed to be granted with the rockstar plan.
What should I do to have an answer and a fix on this issue please?


Sorry @Henri_de_Quengo,
I should’ve told you I was still waiting for an answer. Please let me send them a urgent reminder :pray:

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Hello Maurizio,

Any updates please?


Hey @Henri_de_Quengo,

My colleagues are still waiting for an answer from Instagram.
Sorry if it’s taking longer than expected.

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Hey @Henri_de_Quengo, me again :smiley:

Issue solved!! :tada:


Awesome, thanks Maurizio !

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