Separation name 2

Hi someone got my same nickname and some of my nusic i appear in his profile

Hey @Ilario

thank you for your message.

Please send us the following information so that we can move your release to your artist profile.

  • The link to your release on Spotify
  • The link to the wrong artist profile
  • The link to your artist profile

Thanks and best regards,


My artist profile

Profile artist with my same name

One of my released song

Great, thank you. @Carlos from the team will send a request to spotify.

The releases will then be matched to your correct artist profile within two weeks.

Best regards,

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Thank you for these links @Ilario however I need the links to the releases that appear on the wrong profile, not the ones that are assigned to the correct one (this one is assigned to the correct artist profile)

Thanks ahead and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Yes you right , but on Apple music is all mixed check this link

Hello @Ilario,

Yes I understand it is all mixed-up, which is why I need you to provide :

  • The link to your release;
  • The link to the wrong artist profile;
  • The link to your artist profile (indicate "create profile if you donā€™t have one).

Please send me the links requested above for each platform concerned by this issue and I will request the modification. Without these specific links, I cannot do anything.

Thanks ahead.