Singles not available on IDAGIO

Hello imusician team,

My single “trois cadences” 4066218642766 released last february is not available on IDAGIO. As a classical release with the rockstar subscription, i was expecting it to be available on IDAGIO !

It’s the same for my release “face à la seine” 4061798834266 published 2 years ago with the rockstar subscription : not available on IDAGIO…

Can you please fix it for these 2 releases ?


Lou Darrel

Hi @lou The first release has the genre “Latin” so it was not accepted by IADGIO. The second one was accepted but I couldn’t find it either.
I’m writing you a DM so I can forward the infos directly to IDAGIO to sort this out.

Hey @lou , I’ve sent you a DM!

Have a great day!