Songs distributed by iMusician incorrectly assigned to YouTube profile of another band I manage

Hi there,

Some tracks that iMusician distributes by a band called “The Deniro’s” have incorrectly been assigned to the profile of a band that is on our roster called “The Deniros”. One of the videos in questions are:

(There are 3 more videos but I am unable to add the links due to be ing a new user)

The Deniros (our band) profile is this: . None of the above songs should be linked to this profile!

We have contacted YouTube about this but they say there is nothing they can do without receiving a request from iMusician. Please could someone from iMusician get in touch to sort this out?

Thanks very much!

Hi @abubillamusic We can try to sort this out for you. I’ve sent you a dm for more info.

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