Spotify Statistics problem


I am having problem with my stats. I have one time drops on Spotify. On other services everything is fine. My Spotify artists app shows me that there is no drops. So my imuscian statistics are different then Spotify app for artists.
On the Imusician I have 9 streams. On the Spotify 474…


Hey @JackM
Thanks for reporting this!
Maybe @Juan could help out with this?

Hi @JackM : We’ve seen some dips, particularly around this day and our tech team is already on it. In any case, no numbers will be lost as we receive these numbers directly from the shops. It’s just a matter of displaying them where we seem to have a little hiccup.

Thanks for your response. But this is not the only one drop. I had such drops some time ago. This is third time I guess when I have it.

So this is only problem with your system? I am only asking. It’s not a claim :wink:

Hi @JackM,

It is indeed, but as @Christoph mentioned, we have reported to our Tech team and it might take 2-3 days to get it sorted, but your report was also helpful for our investigation :slight_smile:
We have multiple files delivered by some of the shops, with the stats, and every now and then they don’t get properly assigned to the barcodes and we have to trigger extra processes that require a bit more time to complete :grimacing:

I see, but I have drops from the beginning of December :frowning: It’s looks weird. But now I am not worried. Thanks!