The creation of music.....old school


NAS PRODUCTIONS is a music duo. One works the lyrics and vocal melody…and the other…brings you the joy of listening !! Concentrating our energy on clean, heartfelt and authentic lyrics, we try to reflect the reality of the every day world…and what a world it’s become…but we remain positive. We try to keep the music sounding real, familiar and deep, with “old school” wording that everyone can relate to…and a musical melody that’s befitting of the lyrics… An obvious strength in the production is the “harmony”, not only of the instruments, but more specifically related to the vocals. We want you to enjoy and appreciate every single production, as our songs are made especially for you !!! Hope you have many hours of listening pleasure. Thank you for listening and follow us whenever and wherever you can.

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Hey Anands,

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing all this background for your musical project!

If you have any new or upcoming releases, we’d love to hear them this week in our Fresh Release Fridays thread here

We look forward to hearing your latest tracks :headphones:

Hi nicholas
Thanks for the shout out…appreciated…i have a track that will b released on spotify on 19 august 2022…no link
Unless you want the mp3 / wav format?
PS…Did you receive the 2 tracks i sent?
Please let me know

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Listen to PTSD.wav by MVJXR_RUGRAT on #SoundCloud

Hi @Anands

I haven’t received the two tracks that you sent - would you like to share them here in this thread?