The release doesn't appear in my upcoming spotify releases

Hello there

We have the Album Trappist-1d set to be released on march 10th. The reference number is 406xxx8617xx7. I dont see it in my spotify for artists as an upcoming release in order to pitch it to editors. Could somebody tell me what’s going on?


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Thank you for your answer.


Hey @JayJules,

I see that your release has been exported and that you requested the pitching feature.
Are you looking for your release in the Spotify for Artists belonging to one of the 3 main artists profiles?

Hi @Maurizio

Yes i’ve been checking on my own (Jay Jules) Spotify for Artists, but it doesnt appear there. The other two releases, Home is (releasing this friday) and unbound (Release: Mar 24, 2023) are there. But not the Album. I dont see why?

Hello @JayJules, hope all good!

So, I ve chcked your release with title Trappist-1d and I could see you listed more than 3 main artists on the release level. This is automatically making your release a compilation, please find more info here:

Unfortunately, in this case, your release can’t be pitched. What we could do is to leave only 2 main artists and give other roles to the remaining artists. I just sent you a DM, let’s fix it asap!